AP CSA Course Information

This page contains more information about Westhill's AP CSA course. No previous programming experience is required to take this course. To see Westhill's on-line materials for AP CSA, click on the image to the left. The video, below, talks about AP CSA and how it compares to AP CSP. More information about the curriculum for this course can be found on the College Board Webpage for AP CSA.

Course Contents Description

Beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year, the College Board has significantly revised the curruiclum for the CSA AP exam:

Unit:Topic Description Exam Weighting (Multiple-Choice Section)
Unit 1: Primitive Types 2.5%-5%
Unit 2: Using Objects 5%-7.5%
Unit 3: Boolean Logic and 'if' 15%-17.5%
Unit 4: Iteration 17.5%-22.5%
Unit 5: Writing Classes 5%-7.5%
Unit 6: Array 10%-15%
Unit 7: ArrayList 2.5%-7.5%
Unit 8: 2D Arrays 7.5%-10%
Unit 9: Inheritance 5%-10%
Unit 10: Recursion 5%-7.5%

Examples of Projects Done in this Class

2016-2017 AP CSA Survey Results

CSA Survey Results

Videos of Past Senior Projects