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Course Description: AP Computer Science A

courseAP CSA

Prerequisites: See Note
Languages: Java

Note: Before taking AP CSA, students must complete at least one other CS course listed here or take a placement exam. Sophomores are encouraged to take Cyber Security before AP CSA.

Course Description

This page contains more information about Westhill's AP CSA course. No previous programming experience is required to take this course. To see Westhill's on-line materials for AP CSA, click on the image to the left. The video, below, talks about AP CSA and how it compares to AP CSP. More information about the curriculum for this course can be found on the College Board Webpage for AP CSA.

AP CSA Exam Summary

The diagram, below, shows a typical AP CSA exam. However, the 2019-2020 exam was significantly altered due to the Coronavirus. In particular, the Multiple Choice portion of the exam was cancelled. It is too early to be certain what changes will take place for the AP exam for the 2020-2021 school year.

csp summary

CSA Exam Summary

CSA Exam Changes Starting in 2020

Past Student Projects

Simon Says

Worm in Maze

Sydney and Tamar Promote CSA

If you would like to see some of the apps made by Westhill students taking this course, click here. Not sure if you will like it? Try one or more of these projects.

2016-2017 AP CSA Survey Results


Student Survey

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