The Computer Science Academy of Westhill

Examples of Student Work

Click on a Video to See What Our Students are Building

Bill Splitter: Richard Zheng 2016 AP CSP

Worm Maze: Rishabh Jain 2016 AP CSA

Simon Says: Ben Chan 2016 AP CSA

Height Calculator: Alan Stellpflug 2017

Kidz Aleph Bet: Robin Wilensky 2016

Quiz Builder: 2016 Hybrid PD New York City

A website for CSAW, the Computer Science Academy of Westhill High School. CSAW's mission is to expose students to the rapidly growing field of Computer Science. We strive to get more girls and underrepresented students to consider STEM careers. To contact the webmaster with problems on this site or to ask questions about CSAW, send email to