The Computer Science Academy of Westhill


The Computer Science Academy of Westhill is attempting to be a paper-free organization. Thus, most of the forms, below, need to be submitted electronically.

Link to Form
Application for Admission: Use this form to apply to the Computer Science Academy at Westhill. This form may be used by all Westhill Students. Eight graders should wait until near the end of 9th grade to apply to the Academy.
Application for Senior Intership: Use this form for your CSAW Internship.
Post-Intership Evaluation Form: Use this form to provide feedback on your internship experience.
Application for Academy Graduation: Use this form to get recognition on your transcript after completing the Academy's requirements for the four year period. Please note that transcript recognition will not occur unless you fill out this form during your Senior year.
Pseudo-Language Reference Sheet for Optional Placement Exam:The AP CSP reference sheet is also used as the reference sheet for our beginning-of-year placement exam.
A website for CSAW, the Computer Science Academy of Westhill High School. CSAW's mission is to expose students to the rapidly growing field of Computer Science. We strive to get more girls and underrepresented students to consider STEM careers. To contact the webmaster with problems on this site or to ask questions about CSAW, send email to