CSAW Academic Suppliers and Partners

This page lists the non-profit corporations that supply our materials, hire our students, or are otherwise partnered with CSAW.

Mobile CSP

Mobile CSP is a College Board-endorsed provider for the AP Computer Science Principles course. Both the curriculum and professional development are approved and based on the theme of mobile computing.

This organization supplies CSAW with most of our materials for AP CSP. They also supply us our on-line, interactive Runestone textbook for AP CSA, under a separate brand: CSAwesome.




National Center for Computer Science Education

The National Center for Computer Science Education is the parent organization for Mobile CSP and CSAwesome.



CSAwesome provides us with our on-line, interactive textbook for AP CSA. This textbook allows students to write and execute Java code in-line.

CSAwesome is part of the National Center for Computer Science Education.




Carnegie Mellon CS Academy

Carnegie Mellon's CS Academy provide free, online, interactive computer science curriculum for high schools that is engaging, creative, rigorous and fun. CS Academy also includes teacher training, an online interactive textbook, online technical support and more!

CSAW uses Carnegie Mellon's on-line, interactive, introductory Python courses.




Beyond Limits Academic Program

Launched in 2013 as a program of the Stamford Peace Youth Foundation, Inc., the Beyond Limits Academic Program provides highly subsidized one-on-one tutoring and informal mentoring to Stamford Peace’s student-athletes and students attending our local public schools. Tutoring is typically conducted by Stamford Public School’s upperclassmen, including members of the National Honor Society, many of whom are referred by teachers, administrators, and other tutors. We also have a growing number of college students tutoring for us.




925 Long Ridge Rd. Stamford, CT


Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code works to educate, inspire, and equip young women with the skills and resources to pursue academic and career opportunities in computing fields.

Westhill runs a chapter of Girls Who Code. It meets in 414 on Monday afternoons, after school. Please contact Ms. Tennent for more information.


ktennent@stamfordct.gov (Westhill Chapter)

press@girlswhocode.com (National Chapter)


Random Hacks of Kindness Jr

At their one-day programs — called Hack-a-thons — children in grades 4 – 8 are matched with representatives from local charities, along with computer science Mentors. Together, they devise a technological solution, in the form of a mobile app, to one of the charity’s needs. In these unique, interactive learning opportunities, the students get practical exposure to the potential of computer science and a chance to use it in a way that will benefit others in their community.

Westhill frequently sends volunteers to serve as mentors to the events hosted by RHoKJr.




MIT App Inventor

The MIT App Inventor project seeks to democratize software development by empowering all people, especially young people, to move from technology consumption to technology creation. A small team of CSAIL staff and students, led by Professor Hal Abelson, forms the nucleus of an international movement of inventors.

Westhill uses MIT App Inventor as its AP CSP programming language. Students in AP CSP build apps for mobile devices using this tool.