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Honors Mobile Resource Aspirations Scholarships and awards for girls in computer science
Honors Mobile Resource Fusion Table Security How to get your Android app to talk to a Google Fusion Table
Honors Mobile Resource Congressional App Challenge A nationwide competition on app building
Honors Mobile Resource Mobile CSP Curriculum Curriculum for Mobile CSP Supplied by NSF
Honors Mobile Resource Installing Android Emulator How to Install Android Emulator on your PC
Honors Mobile Resource Preparing Your Android Device How to prepare your phone or tablet to accept your new apps
Honors Mobile Resource Final Exam Reference Sheet Study this sheet well before the final exam in Honors Mobile
Honors Mobile Resource Info on Mobile AP Exam College board description of soon-to-be-released AP Exam for Mobile CSP
Honors Mobile Resource Honors Mobile On Line Course from NSF Online materials for this course may be found here
Honors Mobile Resource Technovation Challenge An international competition in app buildling for girls
College Board (AP org) AP Computer Science Exam Practice College Board's Old AP Exams (mostly FRQs)
College Board (AP org) About the AP Comp Sci Exam College Board Description of AP Comp Sci Exam
Class Resource Computational Fairy Tales Difficult Comp Sci concepts explained with fairy tales
Class Resource Help With Java Topics Notes and Practice Questions on Important Java Topics
Class Resource CS Unplugged Ways to learn Comp Sci without a computer